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She was just ten when her parents made her join the traveling youth choir and from there, she began an endless journey towards the center of music that has led her to successfully write more than a hundred songs.


“I have always had an affinity for words and poetry that I believe was passed down from my mother and I was the little kid that would sing and dance to everyyyything. I recall when I was maybe 7 or 8 years old singing N’SYNC’S “Tearin’ up my Heart” as I was leaving the bathroom and my Aunt asking…” Was that you singing?”, Nadia said.


And out of that short burst of awkward panic, something amazing happened…


“I was embarrassed she had heard me, but she told me it sounded like the radio and that I was really good. I think that moment gave me some reassurance that I should write songs and make music. From there I went on to sing in choirs and create my own emo-rock band”, she said.


Nadia Vaeh sure is an artist to follow. She decided to use her music not just as a personal platform, but a platform that could be shared by everyone, where people -especially women- can use it as a tool for personal healing.


This pop music artist originally from Atlanta, Georgia, based her songs on personal experiences first which definitely makes her music far more visceral and authentic. In this interview, we talked to her about her single Promise Not To Kill You” and a couple more details about her, so keep reading and find out what she had to say.




Nadia is ‘Promise Not To Kill You’ a love song? What’s the story behind it? In some lines, it seems to be about unconditional love, but at the same time looks like a ‘rebel’ song. What do you think? 


I think it’s a bit of both. Sometimes loving someone is a battle!! It’s a battle of our own nature and needs as in relationships, sometimes you have to make sacrifices for the other person, while still finding ways to maintain your own sense of self.  It’s about learning how to love another, while still loving yourself. I think it’s also a reminder to find ways to keep the sexy spark alive in your partnership(s)! 


How was the creative process and the accompaniment of your team? I’m asking this because we are talking about a very catchy song with wonderful music work.

Thank you! It was such a fun process and always is with my team. I sat down with my buddy and producer, Dion Shaw to write this song back in 2020 on zoom and went on to add to the production and sort out the vocal arrangement with engineer Tyler Spratt over the next couple years. 


Then in 2022 we brought in our homie Alex Fulton in to sprinkle in some of his wizardry and, then voila!! It was ready for the final mix down by Tyler and then we had our bop! Obviously, this is a very simplified version of the process, but it’s pretty wild to think that from inception in 2020 to now being ready to release in 2023…this song baby has been in the works for almost 3 years!! We are all so over THE MOON to finally be sharing it with you all!!


Although the song is located within pop, listening to it, I think there is no radically defined line in terms of genre. Is this intentional? 


Yes, I love all genres of music and the beautiful thing about pop is you can pull in influence from everywhere. Creatively, I don’t want to be stuck in a box and unable to collaborate with sayyy an R&b artist or a hiphop act. I want my work to be able to transcend demographics and barriers and be more limitless!


How has the public received this song that has just been released? I’ve been getting a ton of great feedback and have made a bunch of TikTok’s with strangers leading up to this release too, sharing their reactions on my TikTok! It seems to be very well received and people from all walks are vibing with it!


Any upcoming live shows? 

Yes, I am headlining Rockwood Music Hall in NYC on February 2nd!! So excited! We are also developing a small southeast tour for the end of Spring. Announcing soon!


We know that you have gone through very hard times in your life as a result of the loss of your mother. What role did music play at that time and what role does it play today? 


It was a major player before we lost my mom to help me through life ups and downs. She began a really tough battle with depression right about at the time I started my angsty teen years, and music was a place of refuge. After her passing though, I actually ran from being a music creator entirely. I couldn’t write or sing more than maybe a karaoke song after some drinks. I’m not entirely sure why I couldn’t “face the music” but I think it must have had to do with the fact that for me it had always involved lyrics and being a wordsmith! She taught me so much about poetry and was always writing herself. Now that I am back at it, it is such a beautiful tool again that helps me make sense of my emotions and the world around me, as well as connect with her in a way. Music has been such a beautiful way to find true community too. 


The proceeds of your music have gone to benefit amazing causes such as Andrew Kukes Foundation for Social Anxiety, Peace Over Violence or Music Mind Matter. Can you tell us more about this? 


I have a handful of causes that are super important to me and many of my songs go hand in hand with those! I always want to use my voice to shine light on things that might not get talked about enough. Most of the causes I spend energy on pertain to wellness (mental health), human rights, and for the artist. Artists are the mediums of the time and they get the short end of the stick almost every time, since the beginning of time. As a result, mental well-being amongst creatives is very strained and with one of the most sensitive of peoples. I feel like that one has become even more dear to my heart as I’ve built my lil art family. So thankful for the resources and supportive artist community that I’ve found.


What are your aspirations as an artist today? 

To take the world by storm and leave a rainbow and a pot of gold at the end 😉



Story: Mariana Gonzalez
Photos: Alexandra Scuffle
Makeup: Amber Kendrick
Styling: KL Vox




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