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This was backstage in Bremen, that was a really intense show! Think that was the first mosh pit of the tour. This was the first night our boys Rikas were playing with us as well.

Natalie Findlay of Findlay embodies indie rock sensibilities and may pay homage to the post-punk rock that came before her, but she’s fearlessly creating a sound all her own with her electric guitar in tow. Findlay has been on the road promoting debut album, Forgotten Pleasures, and in this exclusive tour diary, they take LADYGUNN along for the ride. “These polaroids are from the Findlay European and UK tour, taken in eight countries in a little over a month at the end of 2017,” Natalie says. “Big thank you to the tour fam for this crazy experience and keeping each other sane throughout all the early starts, shit hotels, soundchecks, hangovers, service station schnitzels, dreadlocks, and backstage dramas. We met a lot of incredible people and played some insane shows.” From on-stage highlights to post-gig hangovers, enjoy this analog first-hand account of Natalie’s UK and European adventure.

Me and Ben [Simon, guitar] in our matching wigs at the first show in Castres, headlining Primeurs de Castres festival. This was taken in our hotel before the show. I Remember being really nervous before; first show nerves. Just realized how hideous those earrings are.


Me and Ben in Lyon the next day, still looking shiny and fresh. Lyon was an amazing gig, the crowd was so pumped. It’s the first time we did a cover of “Blister in the Sun” by Violent Femmes. We ended up doing it nearly every night because everyone was loving it so much. We took so much food from  backstage that ended up in the back of the van for the whole tour going moldy. We must have had about five types of cheese by the end. I also remember loading out of the venue that night and Ben was lying on a mattress under a blanket next to the van clutching a baguette and drinking wine. If you want evidence of this, head over to Instagram.


This is in Copenhagen where we played with Francobollo, check this band out if you don’t know them they are awesome! Copenhagen is such a fun town I can’t wait to go back there. We’ll actually be announcing some festivals in Denmark soon.


Jules playing piano in the music shop in Berlin. There are no more polaroids from our night in Berlin. Unfortunately, we were having too much of a good time to document anything!


Think this is in Stuttgart? Driving back after the gig. I look so smug with that beer.


Before the show in Munich. This show was another favorite for me. We have a lot of friends here who all came out for the show, the room was packed, the crowd was mental, the sound was perfect. Kind of all the ingredients you need to make a fucking great night.


Ben and Jules looking very serious in Zurich. I can’t say what we all got up to the night before in case I ever have to get a real job and this comes up on Google.


This is at the venue in Vienna. This show was another huge highlight of the tour for me, we had such a great show. We played here in the summer at the outdoor venue with our friends Annen May Kantereit and stayed here. They have accomodations at the venue for bands– it’s a massive room with three-story bunk beds– it’s so funny. Austria also has the best schnitzel.


Signing merch in Vienna.


Another one with my bud Francesco.


This is backstage in Manchester with Sophie from Sophie and the Giants, really one to watch! They are incredible!


Me looking like a ghost before the London show. This was an amazing night I can’t even describe it.


Me and Cris in Glasgow, I think? Ended up in Nice’n’Sleazy’s. The ten-hour hungover drive back to London the following day was not enjoyable.


With our buddies MarthaGunn, they joined us for the UK leg of the tour, amazing band and incredible live I can’t wait for their album (hurry up guys)!


Last gig of 2017! Thanks everyone who came out and caught one of these shows. It was an unforgettable ride from start to finish. Bring on this year’s shows!


Photos/May Aleksandra


LADYGUNN is excited to present Findlay’s U.S. debut on March 12th
@ The Moroccan Lounge in L.A.! 





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