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Photos / Shelby Goldstein
Starring/ Marta Pozzan W/ Next Models + Filippo Bologni 
Styling / Annie Ladino 
Makeup / Sara Denman 
Hair / Sara Denman 


In a city of lights, camera, action, boardwalks and enchanting late nights rubbing shoulders and sipping drinks with stars and socialites,  Digital icons Marta Pozzan and Filippo Bologni are more than background characters in a sea of pretty faces.  Individually they have earned their stripes in the most uncharted of territories, Marta as spritely blogger turned influencer, model, designer, and muse some of the biggest fashion houses in the world, and Filippo as International digital PR consult for emerging fashion, beauty, luxury brands. With Italian roots and gorgeous faces, we are sure these glamourous BFF’s will have no problem laying down their roots for a lifetime to come.


We decided to lean the camera in a closer to these belles of the ball and get an insider look at their life in LA LA Land.


What do you love about LA?


Marta: I love that it’s a city that doesn’t feel like one; it’s almost like living in a place that has a bit of everything you can find in cities like NY, London, and Paris but with a much more laid-back vibe. I get truly inspired by the scenery of the city, the light, and the people and when I’m not traveling and I am in LA full time I feel like I can really create anything and submerge myself into writing, putting together mood boards for my pictures and so on.


Filippo: The weather for sure, I mean how can you not! I love the way people think and work here, it’s very different than in Milan. And the fact that people care more about their work and their art than the gossip behind it! I also feel like if you’re strong enough and know what you want, there’s room for growth and success. It is unfortunately not very much like that in Europe.


What’s your fave food spot in LA?


Marta: I recently became vegetarian so LA is a great land for that! I’m loving Kreation for small bites and snacks and Speranza for dinner; it’s a super cute French-Italian restaurant in Silverlake. Oh and Jon and Vinny’s when I’m the mood for Cacio & Pepe.


Filippo: Like Marta (since we’re always together, lol) Erewhon and Kreation for breakfast, their Acai bowl is the best. I also love Zinque for like a lunch date or a lunch meeting.


When did you know you wanted to move to LA?


Marta: I used to watch a lot of American television as a teenager and would dream of living in Los Angeles since I was 15. And then I had the biggest artistic crush on Jared Leto when I was 19. I couldn’t believe how talented of an actor and a musician he was and when I realized he moved to LA to achieve his goals I knew that I needed to do the same, that LA was going to be my place.


Filippo: I haven’t moved to LA yet but I since I watched The O.C. (in Italy it was a total hit) I would always ask myself how it is to live in LA and how it could be for me; and after meeting Marta and seeing how she’s making it out there it made me feel like I love the city even more.


What do you love the most about your job?


Marta: I love that I don’t have to work for anybody else, nor from an office. I love that I get to travel a lot and get creative with very talented people. And it’s such an honor to wear some of the most stunning designer clothes at events and during photo shoots. Kind of like the dream!!!


Filippo: The fact that I get to travel a lot as well. When I’m in motion I think faster and better, I get cooler ideas and I get also very motivated. And it is always pretty special to meet people from all over the world and know that now with the power of social media you can be constantly connected with them. And I feel like my job is all about connecting brands and people and when I see relationships grow from there I am very grateful and I feel rewarded.


Who’s your latest crush?


Marta: Omg I’m obsessed with Timothée Chalamet. He plays Elio in Call Me By Your Name and not only he is literally the cutest 22-year-old you could ever meet; he also speaks French and Italian and he’s nominated for an Oscar this year!!


Filippo: An Italian singer from a very known rock band but I don’t want to say the name !!!


Your favorite movie of the year?


Marta: The Florida Project. A true masterpiece in the indie feature films scene of the last 10 years. Sean Baker (who directed Tangerine, fully shot on an iPhone) is able to capture real-life characters in a way that is narrative but that feels very documentary style; and I love that he casts people from the street and that has never been on set before.


Filippo: Call Me By Your Name. I got really emotional when I watched it and I felt very connected to the main character Elio.


Marta: Shirt and shoes, COS. Pants, Alcoolique.  Filippo: Shirt and pants, COS.Shoes, Nike.

Marta:Green dress and matching pants and green shoes, COS. Earrings, MartabyMarta (her own brand).Filippo:Black shirt and matching pants, COS. Earrings, Michelle Campbell. Shoes, Nike.

Marta: Green jacket and skirt, COS. Shoes, Loriblu. Earrings, Michelle Campbell. Filippo: Gray sweater and pants, COS. Shoes, Nike.

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