BLODA’S CHOICE: Eliana Szabo

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Anna Bloda is one of the most fearless, sexy, talented badass babes we know. Her photography is raw, energetic, and is the type of work that pumps through the veins of NYC. Capturing everything from fashion to kids on the street she is constantly at the forefront of the underground, her images and lifestyle are documenting the “now” of today.

In Bloda‘s Choice, she presents the people, places, and things she wants LADYGUNN to know about. Today is Eliana Szabo, a young artist and student of Pratt currently living in New York. She grew up in Budapest and Los Angeles. When she’s not in school, she is making zines, paintings, animations, and a giant dream world on Minecraft.

What’s your alter ego?

I have 3.  One of them is a bad bitch who is fabulous and gives no fucks…channeling the energy of Paris Hilton and Nicki Minaj. The other is a cute, androgynous, emo skater with a similar swag to Avril Lavigne. And finally, there’s what I call my ‘angel orb’ alter ego, which is what I channel when I feel frustrated with my physical existence in this disturbing mortal realm we call the world.

Where do u go?

During the day I am going to school, work, and the deli by my apartment. In the night I am astral projecting into my crush’s dreams.

What is love?

Love is an arrow in your chest that leaves you bleeding and in pain until the moment where you can be once again in your lover’s embrace. Love hurts but that’s how you know it’s real. To be in love is to be taken out of the regular pain of every day; catapulted into an exhilarating adventure where sharing is a treat and you’re never lonely.

What does fashion mean to you?

I always hear people say that fashion is a form of self-expression, but I see fashion as a form of self-exploration. I think the clothes we wear can help us discover who we are and who we want to be. Fashion is about defining yourself and then getting to switch that definition whenever you want.

What are you dreaming about?

I’m dreaming of some forest beside a lake that is lush, sparkling, and sun-soaked. All my friends are there with fairy wings on their backs. During the day we frolic in tall grass, read to each other, eat sweets. At night we gather around a fire and cast protection spells for the fucked up world we left behind.






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