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LADYGUNN magazine is a quarterly print publication with headquarters in New York, Los Angeles and Stockholm. We are an independent media platform for unique and talented individuals in the world of music, fashion, film, culture and art. LADYGUNN stands apart with our youth-forward, innovative, and honest narratives. Every issue is brimming with in-depth interviews with both top and emerging talent, striking fashion spreads, innovative content and style, and engaging stories. In addition to our print issues, our website presents stories daily which feature emerging trends, fashion, music, and artists. We offer a wide variety of editorial sections which pertain to the unique interests of our forward-thinking readers.

LADYGUNN is distributed throughout North America, select retailers in Europe, and internationally on iTunes through our custom phone app.  We are also available in all Barnes and Noble locations nationwide and on Metropolitan Newsstands. We offer smart, creative advertising solutions for online, print, events, video, newsletters and across social media. Our team works closely with advertisers to create compelling advertisements and sponsored content that will appeal to our readership, as well as introduce your brand in an innovative, engaging, and exciting way.

We target forward-thinking men and women, and we feature the most exciting up-n’-comers as well as captivating established names in film, music, art, and fashion.

Contact us for more information or to request our media kit. Let’s work together!

publisher / Koko Ntuen



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